What is a Burial Vault?
A burial vault is a lined and sealed outer receptacle that houses and protects the casket.  They are constructed of high-strength concrete, reinforced with a metal or plastic liner, and provide the most lasting protection.

What is an Urn Vault?
Bailey Monument offers lined cremation urn vaults that give cremation urns varying levels of protection from subsoil elements, the weight of the earth, and cemetery maintenance equipment.  A lined urn vault is made of high-strength concrete and reinforced with durable plastic or a combination of durable plastic and metal (bronze, copper, or stainless steel).

How long should I wait for the ground to settle before getting a monument?  
There is no standard amount of time that we recommend to allow settling of the soil on a grave before we set a monument on the lot.  A few variables will affect the settling of the soil, such as the amount of rain received since interment and soil type.  Soil settling is a natural occurrence, is expected, and cannot be avoided completely. Our turn around time on monument work is usually 60-90 days from the date the contract is completed.   Many customers purchase a monument within a few weeks after the loss of a loved one and there is usually no problem with the soil settling and disrupting the monument work by that time.

How does a “pre-need” purchase work?
Many people are choosing to design and purchase their own monuments before their time of need.  You get exactly what you want, and your family is relieved from that burden.  We can go ahead and place the monument in the cemetery without your date of death now or we can hold the manufacture of your monument until such time as your family contacts us after your passing.  We also have prepaid contracts available for adding the date of death to a monument, resetting a ledger, and repairing the concrete floor in coped lots.  This is a final thoughtful gesture that will free your family from the responsibility and uncertainty of choosing a monument for you.

How may we help you further?

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